Sunday, May 20, 2007

Richardson Cracks Double Digits in Iowa/New Hampshire

According to the latest poll from the Des Moines Register (5/20/07), Governor Bill Richardson continues to advance on the top tier in Iowa with a 10% showing, trailing Sens. Edwards, Obama and Clinton in that order. The poll also shows that Governor Richardson holds a 48%-25% favorable/unfavorable impression with 27% unsure.

Though 11% of those polled are still undecided as to whom their pick might be, 78% of likely caucus participants could be persuaded to support another candidate as their first choice.

The top issues rated as `extremely important' by the respondents are; Iraq and the War (46%), Relations With Other Countries (37%), Health Care and Health Insurance (35%), along with Economy and Jobs, National Debt and National Security all at 33%.

In New Hampshire, a Zogby poll released on May 17 shows that Governor Richardson had surged ahead with support in the Granite State, jumping up from a 2% showing in April to 10%, only five points behind Edwards.

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