Tuesday, April 24, 2007

MSNBC To Broadcast SCDP Debate

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the spring colors complimenting our bluegrass,

Just thought I'd send word in case you hadn't heard that the South Carolina Democratic Party will be hosting a 2008 Presidential candidates debate this Thursday evening at 7 pm Eastern. MSNBC will be broadcasting the event live and this would be a great opportunity to spread awareness about our candidate!

If you've ever wanted to introduce the Governor to your friends who may not know enough about him, what better way than to showcase his unparalleled experience amongst the field in a lively, nationally televised debate? There will be no opening or closing statements, just the candidates’ reactions to questions and to each other.

The national campaign grassroots director is encouraging us all to use this as a first significant opportunity to showcase what we already know; that the Governor's electability, his diversity in experience and progressive leadership will surpass the media hype levied onto some of the other candidates.

If each one of us can make an effort to invite those we know who wish to elect a Democrat back to the White House in 2008 to check out the debate whether in the privacy of their own home, out at the local tavern or by hosting a house party on behalf of the Governor's candidacy, we can help spread the word and use this event as a catalyst for support growth here in the Commonwealth!

Let's show `em who can win in the swing states and who has the experience to right the wrongs of the Bush administration!

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